Wine Tours VIP - Zip Line Tour | Paso Robles, CA

Paso Robles, CA

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Wine Tours VIP / The Ultimate Wine Tours

"WOW, Great Tour! We had so much fun with you! Going around to all those wineries in the Fun Bus was an awesome experience. You are great at your job and you made my birthday great!

Your attention to detail is awesome!"

- Allison R.

Mercedes Airstream Touring Coach includes:

Unique Tours

Call right away to book your special event!


  • Only one vehicle (owner / operator)

  • Set up like a small living room (lampskin interior)

  • Special rates for 2 or 4 people

  • Set up special tours with barrel tastings

  • Bathroom on board for ladies only  

  • Stocked refrigerator with cheese, candies, cookies, veggie plate, champagne, beer, soda & over 100 bottles of water.

  • 4 different types of chips on the table throughout the trip

  • Purse closets, Coat closet, Surround sound stereo with Serious SAT. or plug-in your own music

  • Standup room, walk around or dance while I'm driving

  • I can set up the wineries or you can pick. (Lots of mine are no-charge tasting)

  • Passenger Van Services like no one else

  • 72' Classic Motor Yacht: Luncheon / Dinner Cruise (in Morro Bay, Estuary)

  • Burial at Seas (celebration of life) Champagne buffet cruise

  • Zip line tours with wine-pairing and lunch

  • Brewery tours in San Luis Obispo County (a special 4 1/2 hour tour)

ZIP wine

"There once was a man named Don!

Who carriered our bags off and on!

We had lots of wine and a really good time!

We loved dancing all the time!!!

P.S.  You go Don!"

- Kristin, Kayley, Karen, Emily, Elizabeth & Minnie

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